Every product is made with a wish about happiness for our beloved, little ones, but happiness is also apparent in the way we work. We have a positive attitude and our workplace is filled with ‘Good Company Karma’ as we call it.





We believe that good teamwork is important – both internally at My Teddy and in regards to our business partners. We listen and use the inputs we receive to accommodate our customers’ needs and improve our own performance.





It is crucial to us that the safety in our products is perfect. Parents shall be able to safely let their children play with and explore the products regardless of age.

All Danish laws about safety are fulfilled and they comply with the EU-standards, in addition to CE.



We have high demands about the quality of the product, and we take responsibility for our products and that they live up to the quality requirements.

All of our products are made of soft, durable materials that are suitable for children. Most of our products tolerate being put in the washing machine at 30 degrees.




A teddy bear isn’t just a teddy bear, but it can become a child’s best friend and give the child a feeling of safety in many situations. We strive to create a teddy bear with personality and a special expression that will specifically appeal to the child.